The Words I Would Miss

Sometimes when I’m reading or listening to conversation I will hear a word that turns up the corners of my mouth. A little thing called joy arises. And I say that word again and again, feeling it in my mouth, noticing how the air moves or how my lips accommodate to pronounce it. More than pronouncing though, it feels like announcing, “Here is a word that I never knew I loved until I heard it.” There is no rhyme to why I like a word in this intimate way; it isn’t the meaning. It isn’t the length. Or certain sounds that letters make. It is as if I’ve seen the soul of that word and why it absolutely must be in language. Who said it first? What compelled that exact word into existence? Why do I hear it and feel it resonate in my heart? I love the mystery of it. Below are a few of the many that I hold cupped in my hands like a cherished gift. And say when I move closer to who I AM.

Suffice. Impeccable. Nuanced. Similitude. Preposterous. Incandescence. Segue. Luminosity. Plethora. Flourish. Voluptuous. Labyrinthine. Bereft. Mythos. Solace. Shimmer. Quintessential. Speculate.

Do you love words? Do you have those you know in this way? I’d love to hear them. Please share below in the message box.

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